Three Bottles

Our Own Brand of Naked Dream-Telling

When touring open studios, it’s best to travel with artists.  I was lucky enough to experience GO in Brooklyn with Joy Walker (her work on the left) and Sara Sill.  Joy’s bravery/charm got us into a studio that wasn’t technically on the tour: Erica Rosenfeld’s sunlit, colorful space (on the right). Erica apologized for the mess, but we were too distracted by her incredible 3-D mood board to care.  Plastic baby dolls, passport photos, a Spam tin that had its own sunny halo.                                                         

This is the whole reason I wanted to do the tour in the first place.  Sometimes I’m way more fascinated by an artist’s space than the art itself.  It made me want to create a writer’s inspiration table.  For what I’m working on right now I’d gather lots of gruesome stuff—monster illustrations, anatomy diagrams, maybe some bones?  Huh.  Maybe I should have two mood boards—one dark, one light.  And a curtain in between.  —Claire

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